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Since our foundation in 1888 we brew our fine beers in accordance with the German Purity Law. The premium quality of our Flensburger beers is not only due to our more than 125 years of brewing expertise but also to our carefully selected raw materials, such as the barley malt from Northern German coastlines as well as the soft water from our own glacier spring. The distinctive plop' sound when opening a bottle of Flens has long been our trademark and stands for the inimitably fresh and rich taste of our independent brewery's beer. 

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Our History begins in 1888

There were good reasons why five citizens of Flensburg signed the document that set up the Flensburg Brewery on 6th September 1888. They had found an ideal site, a glacier spring with crystal-clear water for brewing and a way of obtaining the ice needed for the lagering cellars ...

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